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How do I run scripts?
Put them into ~/.irssi/scripts/ and in irssi do /script load . There is a default alias for /script load to /run in newer versions of irssi.
How do I rerun scripts?
Just do /script load .
How do I unload scripts?
Just do /script unload .
How do I run scripts automatically at startup?
Put them into ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ directory. Or better would be if you placed them in ~/.irssi/scripts/ and created symlinks to autorun directory (eg. cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ ; ln -s ../ .)
Is there an easy way of managing scripts?
Try, it can update and manage your scripts as well as install new ones and search the database.
How do I submit a script to this page?
See information on how to contribute here.

Filename Name Version Description Authors Modified …… (Github) 8-ball 0.22 Dont like to take decisions? Have the 8-ball do it for you instead. Patrik Akerfeldt 2015-09-15 (Github) Consolidate Irssi Player 2.0.0 Controls Audacious2 and MOCP from Irssi Dani Soufi (compengi) 2009-08-14 (Github) UNIBG-autoident 0.1 Automaticaly /msg ident NS yourpassword when you connect or services come back from death Doncho N. Gunchev 2003-01-25 (Github) accent 1.34 This script strips the hungarian accents. Tamas SZERB 2015-01-26 (Github) accountname 1.0 Instead of displaying semi-raw data, a /whois now gives a tidy accountname on Asuka/lain servers (if applicable). Chris 'raz' Hoogenboezem 2008-05-17 (Github) Reset window activity status 0.15 Reset window activity status. defines command /act c0ffee 2016-05-01 (Github) act_fifo 1.1 Print window activity to a fifo Daniel Kalør (Xnybre) 2014-10-17 (Github) 1.08 This script shows notices into the active channel unless it has its own window. Geert Hauwaerts 2016-01-20 (Github) 0.07 This script will display notify messages into the active window or broadcast it so all the windows. Geert Hauwaerts 2003-09-17 (Github) activity_file 1.00 Maintains a representation of window activity status in a file Antti Vähäkotamäki 2006-07-19 (Github) adv_windowlist 1.3 Adds a permanent advanced window list on the right or in a status bar. Nei 2016-11-01 (Github) ai 0.3 Puts people on ignore if they do a public away. See source for options. BC-bd 2014-10-17 (Github) Antyidler 1.1b Antyidler with random time Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2014-10-17 (Github) ak FTP-Ad 1.4 Full configurable FTP advertiser for Irssi ak 2008-05-17 (Github) alame 0.0.1 Converts towards lame speech Christian 'mordeth' Weber 2008-05-17 (Github) amaroK (via ssh) 1.0 Retrievs song infos and controls amaroK via dcop, optionally running on another computer via ssh Tobias 'camel69' Wulff 2014-10-17 (Github) amaroknp 0.10 Shows the song playing in amaroK in the active window (channel or query). Tuukka Lukkala 2004-03-30 (Github) anames 1.7 a /names display with away nicks coloured Matt "f0rked" Sparks, Miklos Vajna 2016-09-11 (Github) anotherway 2003010201 Another auto away script Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) antiplenk 0.2.1 notices users who "plenk" Grigori Goronzy 2003-02-12 (Github) apm 0.4 Shows your battery status in your Statusbar Alexander Wirt 2014-10-17 (Github) Armeija Ignore 0.4 Ignores people bringin up boring/repeated subjects, plus replies. Erkki Seppälä 2014-10-17 (Github) ascii-art 1.6.3 Ascii-art bassed on figlet. Available commands: /ASCII, /COLSAY, /COLME, /COLTOPIC, /COLKICK, /COLQUIT. Marcin Rozycki 2002-06-21 (Github) aspell 1.6.2 ASpell spellchecking system for Irssi Isaac Good (yitz_), Tom Feist (shabble) 2016-10-06 (Github) aspell_complete 1.01 Adds Text::Aspell suggestions to the list of completions Philipp Haegi 2016-01-29 (Github) 1.0 Implements QuakeNet's CHALLENGE authentication Mantas Mikulėnas 2014-12-18 (Github) auto_whois 0.9 /WHOIS all the users who send you a private message. Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum 2014-10-17 (Github) Automagic away setting 0.4 Automatically goes away after defined inactivity Larry "Vizzie" Daffner 2016-04-26 (Github) autochannel 1.2 Auto add channels to channel list on join Peder Stray 2007-09-20 (Github) AutoClearInput 1.0.1 Automatically clears pending input when you are away. Trevor "tee" Slocum 2014-08-01 (Github) autocycle 0.4 Auto regain ops in empty opless channels Marcin Rozycki 2003-01-03 (Github) autolimit 1.00 does an autolimit for a channel, set variables in the script David Leadbeater 2014-10-17 (Github) autonickprefix 1.00 Change 'nick: ' prefix if the nick is changed while you're still editing. Juerd 2016-02-06 (Github) autoop 1.10 Simple auto-op script Timo Sirainen & Jostein Kjønigsen 2014-10-24 (Github) autoopper 3.7 Auto-op script with dynamic address support and random delay Toni Salomäki 2014-10-17 (Github) auto realname 0.8.6 Print realname of everyone who join to channels Timo 'cras' Sirainen, Bastian Blank 2003-01-24 (Github) autorejoin 1.0.0 Automatically rejoin to channel after being kick, after a (short) user-defined delay Timo 'cras' Sirainen, Leszek Matok 2002-03-10 (Github) Autorejoin punisher 0.3 Kickbans or knockouts people who use autorejoin on kick. Paul 'laaama' Raade 2002-05-02 (Github) Auto Reminder 0.01 This script Reminds people to do stuff! :) Terry Lewis 2008-05-17 (Github) autorun_scripts 0.1 Autorun scripts/symlinks created in the scripts/autorun directory Jari Matilainen, original script by nightfrog 2016-04-18 (Github) autostuff 0.02 Save current servers, channels and windows for autoconnect and autojoin Juerd 2010-10-24 (Github) autoversion 0.0.1 Auto-CTCP Verison on every joining nick Christian 'mordeth' Weber 2002-08-21 (Github) autovoice 0.05 autovoice aluser 2008-05-22 (Github) autowho 0.1 Periodically sends /who on configured channels to update away state. Nei 2016-04-26 (Github) autowhois 1.1 /WHOIS all the users who send you a private message. Timo 'cras' Sirainen 2014-10-17 (Github) autowhois_simple 0.1 /WHOIS anyone querying you automatically. Janne Mikola 2014-10-17 (Github) autowrap 2007031900 Automatically wraps long sent messages into multiple shorter sent messages Bitt Faulk 2008-05-25 (Github) away 0.23 Away with reason, unaway, and autoaway Jean-Yves Lefort, Larry "Vizzie" Daffner, Kees Cook 2014-10-17 (Github) away2web 2003100201 Write /away information to a file to be used on web pages Oskari 'Okko' Ojala 2014-10-17 (Github) 0.10 This script will notice your away message to the person who just hilighted you. Geert Hauwaerts 2003-12-31 (Github) away_verbose 0.0.7 A verbose away script, displays a verbose away/back message in the channels you are in. BUT it can limit the channels (not spamming every channel!) Wouter Coekaerts, Koenraad Heijlen 2004-01-01 (Github) awaybar 0.1.1 Provides a menubar item with away message Simon Shine 2008-05-17 (Github) awalogcnt 0.2 Displays in statusbar number of messages in awaylog Marcin Rozycki 2004-10-27 (Github) awayproxy 0.2e Sets nick away when client discconects from the irssi-proxy. If away gathers messages targeted to nick and forwards them to an email address. BCOW 2016-03-21 (Github) babelirc 2003020801 translates your messages via Babelfish Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) badword 0.0.3 Configurable badword kickbanning script Jan 'fissie' Sembera 2008-05-17 (Github) ban 1.4d /BAN [channel] [-normal|-host|-user|-domain|-crap|-ip|-class -before|-after "cmd" nick|mask] ... - bans several nicks/masks on channel, removes any conflicting bans before banning Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2002-11-19 (Github) bandwidth 1.0 shows bandwidth usage in statusbar Riku Voipio 2014-10-17 (Github) bansearch 1.1 Searches for bans, quiets, and channel modes affecting a user Nathan HandlerJoseph Price 2015-09-11 (Github) bantime 0.5 Print time when ban was set in a nicer way. eg. 23 mins, 40 secs ago. David O'Rourke 2004-08-01 (Github) beep 1.01 Replaces your terminal bell by a command specified via /set; adds a beep_when_not_away setting Jean-Yves Lefort 2014-10-17 (Github) beep_beep 0.10 runs arbitrary command instead of system beep, includes flood protection Georg Lukas 2014-10-17 (Github) beepaway 2003011501 Only beep when you are away Simon 'corecode' Schubert 2008-05-17 (Github) beforespace 0.1 Rebind certain keys so that they are inserted before the space Nei 2016-04-26 (Github) BeStoiber 2003020801 stoibers your messages Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) betterlist 2.1 /list <perl-regexp> Liam Hopkins 2016-03-19 (Github) BgTA Script 0.0.1 Byte's Gallery of the TAilor Script [^BgTA^] 2008-05-17 (Github) binary 1.2 adds /binary command that converts what you type into 2-base string representation, also decodes other peoples binary automatically Carl Fischer 2008-05-17 (Github) binary_time 20060826 Prints the timestamp in binary format Aaron Toponce, Knut Auvor Grythe 2008-06-16 (Github) bitlbee_blist 0.4 /blist <all|online|offline|away> <word>, greps <word> from blist for bitlbee Tijmen "timing" Ruizendaal 2006-10-27 (Github) 1.0 Hide your REGISTER and IDENTIFY password lines in &bitlbee from screen & logs Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 2016-03-15 (Github) BitlBee_join_notice 1.3 1. Adds an item to the status bar wich shows [joined: <nicks>] when someone is joining &bitlbee. 2. Shows join messages in the query. (For bitlbee v3.0+) Tijmen "timing" Ruizendaal 2014-10-17 (Github) BitlBee_nick_change 1.3 Shows an IM nickchange in an Irssi way. (in a query and in the bitlbee channel). (For bitlbee 3.0+) Tijmen "timing" Ruizendaal 2010-07-28 (Github) BitlBee_tab_completion 1.3 Intelligent Tab-completion for BitlBee commands. Tijmen "timing" Ruizendaal & Wilmer van der Gaast 2009-08-11 (Github) bitlbee_timestamp 0.5 Replace Irssi's timestamps with those sent by BitlBee Tijmen "timing" Ruizendaal 2010-05-01 (Github) BitlBee_typing_notice 1.7.2 1. Adds an item to the status bar wich shows [typing] when someone is typing a message on the supported IM-networks 2. Sends typing notices to the supported IM networks (the other way arround). (For bitlbee 3.0+) Tijmen "timing" Ruizendaal, Matt "f0rked" Sparks 2016-01-08 (Github) blowjob 0.9.0 Crypt IRC communication with blowfish encryption. Supports public #channels, !channels, +channel, querys and dcc chat. Roadmap for Version 1.0.0 is to get some feedback and cleanup. Join #blowtest on freenode ( to get latest stuff available. Note to users upgrading from versions prior to 0.8.5: The blowjob.keys format has changed. iMil,Skid,Foxmask,reiffert 2015-04-22 (Github) BMI Calculator 2002121801 a simple body mass index calculator for depression ;) Daniel K. Gebhart, Marcus Rückert 2008-05-17 (Github) Scroll buffer restorer 2.20 Saves the buffer for /upgrade, so that no information is lost Juerd 2016-09-22 (Github) buffer 1.1 pastes a buffer into a channel or query window line by line with a specific delay between lines Pablo Martín Báez Echevarría 2016-06-28 (Github) Calculator 1.10 Simple /calc mechanism Juerd 2002-03-19 (Github) callerid 1.0 Reformats CallerID (+g) Messages (Also known as Server-Side Ignore) on Hybrid & Ratbox IRCDs (EFnet) to be Easier on the Eyes Daniel "dubkat" Reidy 2008-05-17 (Github) cap 1.0 Prints caps; derived from by Michael Tharp (gxti), Jilles Tjoelker (jilles), and Mantas Mikulėnas (grawity) dwfreed 2016-09-13 (Github) 1.11 Implements SASL authentication and enables CAP "multi-prefix" Michael Tharp (gxti), Jilles Tjoelker (jilles), Mantas Mikulėnas (grawity) 2015-12-04 (Github) cap_sasl_fail 2.1 Disconnect from server if SASL authentication fails. Nei 2017-01-16 (Github) cddb 1.21 Find CDs by Artist, Disc name or Track name in CDDB. ZaMz0n 2003-10-29 (Github) centericq 1.0.0 Staturbar item which indicates how many new messages you have in your centericq Joost "Garion" Vunderink 2014-10-17 (Github) cgrep 1.0.0 Lists users on the channel matching the specified regexp Pieter-Bas IJdens 2016-09-20 (Github) chanact 0.6.0 Adds new powerful and customizable [Act: ...] item (chanelnames,modes,alias). Lets you give alias characters to windows so that you can select those with meta-<char> BC-bd 2017-02-13 (Github) chanfull 2003011700 Notifies the user when some channel limit is reached Joern 'Wulf' Heissler 2008-05-17 (Github) chanfull 0.1 Notify if Channellimit is reached Uwe 'duden' Dudenhoeffer 2003-02-08 (Github) chanpeak 0.2.2 Log maximum number of people ever been in a channel Bjoern 'fuchs' Krombholz 2002-06-02 (Github) ChanSearch 20021019 searches for specific channels Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) chan share 0.3 /CHANSHARE - display people who are in more than one channel with you Timo 'cras' Sirainen 2014-10-17 (Github) chansort 1.4 Sort all channel and query windows Peder Stray 2008-05-17 (Github) chansort_configurable 1.2 Sort channels & query windows in a configurable way, based on Peder Stray's Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 2016-05-04 (Github) chansync 0.22 /who a channel and optionaly executes a command Uwe 'duden' Dudenhoeffer 2003-02-09 (Github) chops 20020223 Simulates BitchX's /CHOPS and /NOPS commands. Jakub Jankowski 2008-05-17 (Github) CleanPublic 0.3 Simple script that removes colors and other formatting (bold, etc) from public channels Jørgen Tjernø 2003-09-24 (Github) clearable 0.1 make some command output clearable 2015-11-16 (Github) Quoting from X clipboard 1.2 Better quoting of content from clipboard (without leading spaces) -- requires Perl/Tk Dominic Battre 2002-12-06 (Github) cloneprot 1.11 Parses OperServ notices to make autokill aliases from clonewarnings Rick (strlen) Jansen 2002-03-13 (Github) clones 2.01 /CLONES - Display clones in the active channel (with added options) From irssi source, modified by David Leadbeater (dg) 2014-10-17 (Github) clones_scanner 1.6 when a nick joins #channel, notifies you if there is (or there has been) someone in #channel with the same hostname Pablo Martín Báez Echevarría 2016-06-18 (Github) cmpchans 0.5 Compare nicks in two channels Jari Matilainen, init[1] 2015-11-16 (Github) colon_emoji 0.1 Replace words between :...: in messages according to a text file. Was intended for Unicode Emoji on certain proprietary platforms. Lars Djerf, Nei 2016-04-26 (Github) colorize_nicks 0.3.6 Colourise mention of nicks in the message body. Nei 2015-11-16 (Github) colorkick kicking users for using colors or blinks Gabor Nyeki 2014-10-17 (Github) colorswap 0.1 Swap between green and white format for public messages. I think this helps readability. Assumes you haven't changed message formats. Timo 'cras' Sirainen 2002-03-04 (Github) complete_at 0.2 Complete nicks after @ (twitter-style) Nei 2015-11-16 (Github) Complete Last-Spoke 2.1 When using tab completion on an empty input buffer, complete to the nick of the person who spoke most recently. Daenyth 2008-12-07 (Github) Connect Command 0.1 run arbitrary shell commands while [dis]connecting to a server Ian Peters 2014-10-17 (Github) countdown 1.0 adds public channel command for counting down something Mikko 'Quidz' Salmi 2014-11-06 (Github) country 1.0.1 Print the country name in /WHOIS replies Timo Sirainen 2002-10-28 (Github) cp1250_kick 1.3 Kicks people using cp1250 charset Tomasz Poradowski 2002-09-28 (Github) CRAPbuster 2003020801 Removes CRAP or CLIENTCRAP messages from your buffer Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) credstore 1.3 store fingerprints of know users so can verify Benedetto 2015-06-12 (Github) cron aka jobs 0.12 cron implementation, allows to execute commands at given interval/time Piotr Krukowiecki 2014-11-12 (Github) ctrlact 1.1 allows per-channel control over activity indication martin f. krafft 2017-02-15 (Github) Cached WHO 1.1 Usage: /CWHO [-a | -l | -o | -v ] [ mask ] Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2002-05-06 (Github) 0.03 This script will fix the Irssi problem with channel forwarding on the Dancer ircd. Geert Hauwaerts 2004-05-09 (Github) 0.01 This script hides the 477 numerics from the dancer IRCd. Geert Hauwaerts 2004-03-12 (Github) DAU 2.4.3 write like an idiot Clemens Heidinger 2015-02-02 (Github) dcc_ip 0.5 This script sets dcc_own_ip when starting a DCC send or chat.set dcc_ip_interface to your external interface, f.e. ppp0.If you are connecting though a router, set it to "router" ak5 2014-10-17 (Github) dccmove 1.4 Move completed dcc gets to the subfolder done Peder Stray 2014-10-17 (Github) dccrelay 0.1 Relays DCC messages. Originally written by greeny & mute for NoNameScript. Nei 2015-11-23 (Github) dccself /dccself ip port, starts a dcc chat with yourself on that host/port, best used with /set dcc_autochat_masks. David Leadbeater 2008-05-17 (Github) dccstat 1.52 Shows verbose or short information of dcc send/gets on statusbar (speed, size, eta etc.) Matti 'qvr' Hiljanen 2014-10-17 (Github) Default Chanmode 1.1 Allows your client to automatically set desired chanmode upon a join to an empty channel. Jakub Jankowski 2008-05-17 (Github) Dejunk 1.0 Prevents all kinds of junk from showing up Joost Vunderink (Garion) 2015-02-02 (Github) deliciousurl 0.5 Logs URLs and posts them to Benjamin Reed 2014-10-17 (Github) desktop-notify 1.0.1 Sends notification using the Desktop Notifications Specification. Felipe F. Tonello 2017-01-23 (Github) df 0.1.0 Adds an item which displays the current disk usage. Jochem Meyers 2014-10-17 (Github) dice 0.00.04 A Dice Simulator for Roleplaying in Channels or just for fun. Marcel Kossin 2008-05-17 (Github) dice_concise 0.1.5 A concise dice simulator for channels. Marcel Kossin, Makaze 2014-10-30 (Github) Dictionary complete 1.31 Caching dictionary based tab completion Juerd (first version: Timo Sirainen) 2014-10-17 (Github) dim_nicks 0.4.8 Dims nicks that are not in channel anymore. Nei 2016-06-10 (Github) Command dispatcher 0.0.2 This scripts sends unknown commands to the server Sebastian 'yath' Schmidt 2002-03-05 (Github) dns 2.1.1 /DNS <nick>|<host>|<ip> ... Timo 'cras' Sirainen 2002-03-04 (Github) dnsspam 1.0.0 Checks for DNS Spam on JOIN Pieter-Bas IJdens 2005-03-10 (Github) doc 0.0.4 manage tips ; url ; help in a doc file in the keyword=definition form FoxMaSk 2016-02-05 (Github) doublefilter 0.3 Filters msgs which appear the same on different channels. Karl Siegemund 2005-04-22 (Github) dr_who 1.0 Put a nick list in a statusbar Bitt Faulk 2005-01-17 (Github) efnetorg 1.2 Print the real IP address of clients when they join/part channels, and whois. Espen Holm Nilsen 2008-05-25 (Github) Enanched LIST 1.0 This script allow advanced parametrization of the /list command. Accepted parameters are -minusers <#users> and -maxusers <#users>. Ilya Cassina 2008-05-25 (Github) Eliza 1.0 Answers to /msg's using Chatbot::Eliza when you're away. Johan "Ion" Kiviniemi 2002-03-14 (Github) email_msgs 1.0 Emails you messages sent/received while you're away or not. Works for both public mentions and private messages.When away, it is very useful in combination with screen_away. Based on email_privmsgs, with advanced features and options. Requires Email::Sender. Igor Duarte Cardoso, Adam James 2015-04-29 (Github) email_privmsgs 0.5 Emails you private messages sent while you're away. Useful in combination with screen_away. Requires Email::Sender. Adam James 2015-01-18 (Github) emaildb 1.0 a script for accessing an email mysql database through irc PrincessLeia2 2014-10-17 (Github) emo 0.0.1 Outputs various unicode emoticons Ilkka Pale 2015-01-18 (Github) Extended events 1.0 Expand "event mode" and emit "event mode {channel,user,server} *" Taneli Kaivola 2002-05-20 (Github) exec-clean 1.01 Adds a setting to automatically terminate a process whose parent window has been closed Jean-Yves Lefort 2014-10-17 (Github) execcmd 0.1 Permit to use /EXEC with arbitrary irssi commands. unknown, Nei 2015-11-23 (Github) ExtAway 1.0 Extended Away & Back programm CrazyCat 2014-10-17 (Github) 1.03 This script sends fake ctcp replies to a client using a fake ctcp list. Geert Hauwaerts 2014-10-17 (Github) fast_country 1.0.0 Print the country name in /WHOIS replies Stefan Jakobs 2008-05-11 (Github) Figlet 1.14 Safe figlet implementation (with color support!) Juerd 2002-03-10 (Github) 1 A command to output content of files in various ways David Leadbeater 2014-10-17 (Github) Find 0.2 Finds a nick by real name, if he's on a channel with you. Erkki Seppälä 2014-10-17 (Github) Findbot 1.57 Public command @find script Thomas Karlsson 2014-10-17 (Github) fix_slackirc 0.3 Some workarounds to improve irssi experience on the Slack IRC gateway Nei 2016-08-16 (Github) fleech 0.0.2i fserve leecher - helps you download files from file servers Piotr Krukowiecki 2014-10-17 (Github) fnotify 0.0.6 Write notifications to a file in a consistent format. Tyler Abair, Thorsten Leemhuis, James Shubin, Serge van Ginderachter 2016-01-26 (Github) Follower 1.10 Automatically switch to active windows Juerd 2002-03-19 (Github) UeberRot encryption 3.00 Rot n+i encryption and decryption Juerd, Shiar 2003-01-21 (Github) foreach user 1.0 Extends the /foreach command to have /foreach user (users in a channel). Syntax: /foreach user [hostmask] command. David Leadbeater 2008-05-17 (Github) format_identify 1.5-dev-coekie Formats msgs and notices when the identify-msg and/or identify-ctcp capability is available. ResDev (Ben Reser) 2014-04-09 (Github) fortune 1.3 Send a random fortune cookie to an user in channel. Ivo Marino 2015-01-26 (Github) Forward 2003071904 forward incoming messages to another nick Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) 0.06 This script will filter some Freenode IRCD (Dancer) servernotices. Geert Hauwaerts 2003-09-17 (Github) friends 1.34 Basicly an autoop script with a nice interface and nick coloring ;) Peder Stray 2014-10-17 (Github) Friends 2.4.9 Maintains list of people you know. Jakub Jankowski 2014-10-17 (Github) frm_outgmsgs 1.1 define a permanent text formatting (bold, underline, etc.) for outgoing messages Pablo Martín Báez Echevarría 2016-06-18 (Github) FServe 2.0.0 File server for irssi Piotr Krukowiecki & others 2014-10-17 (Github) 0.05 Simulates the BitchX /FUCKEM command. Deop/Dehalfop everyone on the channel including you. Geert Hauwaerts 2003-09-17 (Github) fullwidth 1.1.0 talk like some vaporwave cool kid prussian 2016-09-03 (Github) GetOP 0.9b Automatically request op from random opped person with specifed command from list after joining channel Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2014-10-17 (Github) gimmie 1.0 a bot script, using ! followed by anything the script will say (as an action): gets nickname anything PrincessLeia2 2014-10-17 (Github) go to window 1.1 Implements /go command that activates a window given a name/partial name. It features a nice completion. nohar 2017-02-02 (Github) go2 1.0 Switch to the window with the given name or item cxreg 2014-05-27 (Github) Google 1.00 This script queries and returns the results. Oddbjørn Kvalsund 2008-05-17 (Github) gpgvalidator v. 0.1.2 0.1.2 Have gpg-based trusting features in your irssi client! original idea by valvoline, irssi porting by pallotron 2008-05-17 (Github) greetignore 1.1 Hide the stupid "greet messages" posted by some bots after someone joins a channel. David O'Rourke, Nico R. Wohlgemuth 2015-01-18 (Github) grep 2.1 /GREP [-i] [-w] [-v] [-F] <perl-regexp> <command to run> Timo 'cras' Sirainen, Wouter Coekaerts 2014-10-17 (Github) grepbans 1.0 Greps the ban list for the specified pattern Nathan Handler 2015-09-11 (Github) gsi 220904-04:30:00 /gsi <phone nr> checks number via Norwegian 8-digit numbers only. Nice if you have caller-ID and are as paranoid as me. mistr 2015-01-18 (Github) GTrans 0.0.1 Translation via the Google Language API Sven Ulland 2008-10-07 (Github) German Uppercased Tab Stuff 1.00 Adds the uppercased version of the tab completes Juerd 2002-05-18 (Github) hddtemp 0.14 adds a statusbar item which shows temperatures of harddisks (with multiple hddtemp-hosts support) Valentin Batz 2004-06-21 (Github) Greeter 1.00 This script allows you to greet the channel You're joining with the command /hello. The text it shows depends on the time you're living. Cybertinus 2005-05-25 (Github) hide tools 0.0.7 a little interface to irssi's activity_hide_* settings Marcus Rueckert 2002-07-21 (Github) hideauth 1.01 Stops eggdrop passwords showing up JamesOff 2002-06-04 (Github) hideshow 0.4.4 Removes and re-adds lines to the Irssi buffer view. Nei 2015-11-16 (Github) highlite 1.0 shows events happening in all channels you are in that may concern you Mantis 2003-01-03 (Github) 0.02 This script will add the HIGNORE command, if you use this command in a query it will ignore the host. Geert Hauwaerts 2003-09-17 (Github) hilightcmd 0.1 Call a system command when receiving a hilight Guillaume Gelin 2016-04-26 (Github) hilightwin 0.05 Print hilighted messages to window named "hilight" Timo 'cras' Sirainen, Mark 'znx' Sangster 2017-02-10 (Github) hilite url 0.1 Simple script that highlights URL Stefan Heinemann 2017-01-12 (Github) hipchat_complete 2.0 Translate nicks to HipChat "mention names" John Morrissey 2015-01-18 (Github) history_search 2.1 Search within your typed history as you type (like ctrl-R in bash) Wouter Coekaerts 2015-12-09 (Github) hitcount 1.3 Add a apache page hitcounter to statusbar Riku "Shrike" Lindblad 2014-10-17 (Github) half-life 1.2 responds to "!hl counterstrike.server " command on channels/msg's to query counter-strike servers Riku Voipio 2014-10-17 (Github) HL-log/rcon -bot 1.0 Floods the channel about things that are hapening in your hl -server. Also enables you to send rcon commands to the server from channel. Veli Mankinen 2015-02-02 (Github) Scroll to hilights 0.02 Scrolls to previous or next highlight Juerd, Eevee 2015-11-16 (Github) hostname 1.01 Adds a /HOSTNAME command; it will list all IP addresses on all interfaces found on your machine, resolve them, and allow you to choose one easily Jean-Yves Lefort 2014-10-17 (Github) iMPD 0.0.0n This controls Music Player Daemon from the familiar irssi interface Santabutthead 2014-10-17 (Github) ident 1.0 Automatically IDENTIFY when prompted Isaac Good 2016-12-06 (Github) identify-md5 1.05 MD5 NickServ identification script for SorceryNet Eric Jansen 2003-03-01 (Github) idletime 20030208 Retrieves the idletime of any nick Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) ido_switcher 2.4 Select window[-items] using an ido-mode like search interface Tom Feist, Wouter Coekaerts 2015-12-09 (Github) iDonkey 2004051601 equips Irssi with an interface to mldonkey Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) ignore_log 0.1 script to log ignored messages Dmitry "jsn" Kim 2014-10-17 (Github) Ignore-OC 0.6 Ignore messages from people not on your channels.Now people you msg are added to bypass-list. Erkki Seppälä 2014-10-17 (Github) ignorsula 1.999999999543675475473856-FDIV-final script to show ignored message in censored form apic 2009-07-26 (Github) inputlength 0.0.5 adds a statusbar item which show length of the inputline Marcus Rueckert 2003-01-13 (Github) imdb 1.01 Automatically lookup IMDB-numbers in nicknames Eric Jansen 2003-03-01 (Github) intercept 0.2 Intercept misprinted commands and offer to remove the first character before sending it on Jari Matilainen 2015-11-25 (Github) i18n /join 0.2 Joins channels with non-utf8 non-ascii names. c0ffee 2014-10-17 (Github) 0.02 This script will join a channel if somebody invites you to it. Geert Hauwaerts 2017-01-17 (Github) IPupdate 1.2 Auto "/set dcc_own_ip IP" on connect. xlony 2006-01-03 (Github) iQuiz 160919 irssi quiz script wilk 2016-10-03 (Github) iQuiz 160919_en irssi quiz script wilk 2016-10-03 (Github) iraident 0.6.1 Auto Identify - changes nick and send identify command, then sets codepage DonRumata 2008-05-25 (Github) IRC-Chess 0.1 Chess server for IRC. Allows for multiple 2-player games to be played simultaneously kodgehopper ([email protected]) 2014-10-17 (Github) IRC Completion 0.1 Adds words from IRC to your tab-completion list, plus fixes typos Erkki Seppälä 2014-10-17 (Github) ircgallery 1.13 Show IRC gallery (, finnish only) information on /WHOIS or /GALLERY Timo 'cras' Sirainen 2015-02-02 (Github) ircgmessagenotify 0.1b Tarkisteleeä ja sanoo kun sinulle on uusia viestejä. BCOW 2014-10-17 (Github) ircops 0.1 /IRCOPS - Display IrcOps in current channel BC-bd 2008-06-16 (Github) IRCSec 2008051101 secures your conversation Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-25 (Github) ircuwhois 1.2 show the accountname (330) and real host on ircu Valentin Batz 2015-11-16 (Github) iRSSi feed reader 20130209 Parses and announces XML/Atom feeds Julius Michaelis 2013-07-12 (Github) irssiBlaster 1.6 Display the song played by mp3blaster in channels and statusbar. See the top of the file for usage. legion 2014-10-17 (Github) irssi_logger 1.0 Logs chats to a PostgreSQL database. Aaron Bieber 2015-02-04 (Github) IrssiQ 2003231101 integrates ICQ instant-messaging into irssi Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) isbanned 0.7.0 freenode-specific script that checks whether someone is banned on some channel mniip 2015-09-14 (Github) isdn 0.3 Displays incoming ISDN calls Uli Baumann 2014-10-17 (Github) itime 0.9 Internet Time statusbar item. See Johan "Ion" Kiviniemi 2002-03-12 (Github) iXMMSa 0.2+1 /xmms announces which _file_ is currently playing. E.g. Currently playing: "Kieran Halpin & Band - Mirror Town.mp3" Kristof Korwisi 2006-10-27 (Github) joininfo 1.0.0 Reports WHOIS information and channel list for those who join a channel Pieter-Bas IJdens 2005-03-10 (Github) KickBan Referrals Script 1.03 Script for kickbanning those who post referral links in a channel Linostar 2015-02-07 (Github) kblamehost 0.0.1 Kicks (and bans) people with >= 4 dots in theirs hostname Filippo 'godog' Giunchedi 2014-10-17 (Github) keepnick 1.17 Try to get your nick back when it becomes available. Peder Stray 2014-10-17 (Github) kenny speech 2.3.1 autodekennyfies /kenny, adds /kenny, /dekenny. Based on Jan-Pieter Cornets signature version Gerfried Fuchs 2002-06-13 (Github) Kernel 0.9 Fetches the version(s) of the latest Linux kernel(s). Johan "Ion" Kiviniemi 2002-03-12 (Github) 0.01 This script will set the proper keybindings on /AZERTY and /QWERTY. Geert Hauwaerts 2003-11-04 (Github) Various kick and ban commands 0.26 Enhances /k /kb and /kn with some nice options. c0ffee 2006-11-14 (Github) kill_fake_gets 1.1 When new send arrives checks if there are old identical sends (ie from the same nick on the same server and with the same filename) and closes them Piotr 'Cvbge' Krukowiecki 2014-10-17 (Github) kills 1.00 Displays kills with more understandable messages Timo Sirainen 2014-10-17 (Github) 1.08 This script shows a warning in the statuswindow if somebody preforms a /KlINE or /UNKLINE. Geert Hauwaerts 2003-09-17 (Github) l33t xmms music showing script 2.01 A script to show playing xmms song in channel or in a statusbar, and also control xmms. Be sure to read through the script to see all features. Mikachu 2008-09-04 (Github) lastfm 5.8 A now-playing-script which uses Simon 'simmel' Lundström 2014-10-17 (Github) lastspoke 0.2 Remembers what people said last on what channels Sander Smeenk 2014-10-17 (Github) len 1.0.0 If you try to get a nick with 11 characters but only 9 are allowed, this script will prevent the nickchange. The same for too long topics, kickmsgs, partmsgs and quitmsgs. Clemens Heidinger 2006-03-11 (Github) leodict 20040515 translates via Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) levelclear 1.1 Similar to but uses irssis internal scrollback levelclear functionality and is able to clear the previous window automatically after having switched to a new one when levelclear_autoclear is set to true. Nico R. Wohlgemuth 2014-06-15 (Github) licq 0.5 Licq statusbar thingy Jari Matilainen 2014-10-17 (Github) linebuffer 0.3 dump the linebuffer content Nei 2015-12-03 (Github) LinkChan 1.5 Link several channels on serveral networks Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk 2014-10-17 (Github) listen 0.2 A simple mp3 display script that will display what mp3 you are playing in which software (mpg123, xmms, mp3blaster, etc) to your active channel or to a query window. Csaba Nagy 2014-10-17 (Github) listsort 0.1 Isaac Good 2016-12-07 (Github) loadavg 0.4 display a loadavg statusbar item using vm.loadavg mib or /proc/loadavg aki 2014-10-17 (Github) localize 2014112501 Localizes users using traceroute, the localizer database or IP-Atlas Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2014-12-06 (Github) log2ansi 1.9 convert mirc color and irssi interal formatting to ansi colors, useful for log filtering Peder Stray 2008-05-22 (Github) logcompress 0.01 compress logfiles then they're rotated Timo 'cras' Sirainen 2014-10-17 (Github) logcompress_perl 0.02 compress logfiles then they're rotated, modified from original to use perl modules instead vague 2017-01-07 (Github) logresume 0.6 print last n lines of logs when opening queries/channels ferret 2016-04-04 (Github) List nicks in channel 0.02 Use /ls <regex> to show all nicks (including [email protected]) matching regex in the current channel c0ffee 2014-10-17 (Github) Local who 0.01a Displays users logged on system in current window, simple one Mika 2014-10-17 (Github) mail 2.92 Fully customizable mail counter statusbar item with multiple mailbox and multiple Maildir support Timo Sirainen, Matti Hiljanen, Joost Vunderink, Bart Matthaei 2016-05-20 (Github) mailcheck_imap 0.5 Staturbar item which indicates how many new emails you have in the specified IMAP[S] mailbox David "Legooolas" Gardner 2014-10-19 (Github) Mail Check 0.1 Polls your unix mailbox for new mail Erkki Seppälä 2014-10-19 (Github) Mailcheck-POP3 0.5 POP3 new mail notification and listing of mailbox contents. Use "/mail help" for instructions. Requires Net::POP3. Kimmo Lehto 2014-10-19 (Github) mailcount 1.4.5 Adds statusbar item mailcount and displays info about new mails Marcin Rozycki 2003-10-18 (Github) mangle 2004031701 translates your messages into Morse code, rot13 and other sillinesses. Szymon Sokol 2008-05-17 (Github) map 1.2 Generates simple tree of IRC network based on the output of the LINKS command. Petr Baudis 2008-05-17 (Github) mass_hilight_blocker 0.3 Disables hilighting for messages containing a lot of nicknames Uli Baumann 2016-04-26 (Github) messages_bottom 1.0 makes all window text start at the bottom of windows Wouter Coekaerts 2015-11-16 (Github) mg 20090813 DCC MultiGet, for fetching from XDCC bots Kaveh Moini 2009-08-13 (Github) mh_hold_mode 1.07 Emulation of ircII per-window hold_mode Michael Hansen 2016-05-10 (Github) mh_invite 1.02 print invites in server, channel, query and active window Michael Hansen 2016-03-05 (Github) mh_sbsplitmode 1.07 provides a statusbar item showing if your server is in splitmode and /splitmode to show details Michael Hansen 2016-02-13 (Github) mh_sbuserinfo 1.05 statusbar item that shows users and limit info in channels Michael Hansen 2016-11-07 (Github) mh_userstatus 1.05 show in channels when users go away/back or oper/deoper Michael Hansen 2016-03-03 (Github) mh_windowfill 1.07 fill windows so scrolling starts bottom-up instead of top-down (screenshots linked in source) Michael Hansen 2016-02-07 (Github) miodek 1.0.2 Simple wordkick system, with extended polish dictionary for channels enforcing correct polish. Leszek Matok, Andrzej Jagodziñski 2002-10-03 (Github) mirc_colour_popup 1.1 Shows a mIRC-style colour popup when you hit ^C. Michael Kowalchuk, Nei 2015-12-10 (Github) mkick 0.9 Masskick, usage: /mkick [-aovdln6 (hostmask)] <[:]reason> Marcin Rozycki 2004-10-06 (Github) mldonkey bandwidth script 20030712 Shows your mldonkey's current down- and upload rate Carsten Otto 2008-05-17 (Github) mlock 1.00 Channel mode locking Timo Sirainen 2002-03-10 (Github) modelist-r 0.8.0-rc4 Cache of invites, ban exceptions and reops in channel. Script commands: /si, /se, /sr, /unexcept, /uninvite, /unreop (version only for ircd >= 2.11.0). Marcin Rozycki 2004-11-04 (Github) modelist 0.7.2 Cache of invites and ban exceptions in channel. Usage: /si, /se, /unexcept [indexes], /uninvite [indexes] Marcin Rozycki 2004-06-05 (Github) monitor 1.0 Interface to ratbox 2.1+ /monitor command Jilles Tjoelker 2014-10-19 (Github) Mood 20031207 Keeps track of the channel mood Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) morse 2004021901 turns your messages into morse or spelling code Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) mouse 1.0.0-awl control irssi using mouse clicks and gestures Wouter Coekaerts 2015-11-16 (Github) mouse 1.0.0 control irssi using mouse clicks and gestures Wouter Coekaerts 2009-05-16 (Github) trigger 0.0.0 experimental perl version of the irssi mouse patch Wouter Coekaerts 2015-11-16 (Github) mpd 0.7 print the song you are listening to Erik Scharwaechter, Tobias Böhm, Mikkel Kroman 2014-08-20 (Github) mpg123 0.01+1 Display current mpg123 track Ricardo Mesquita 2014-10-19 (Github) MQTT-notify 1.0 Sends out notifications via MQTT Thomas B. Ruecker 2015-06-30 (Github) msg2notice 1.0 For a configured list of nicks, convert all their messages to a notice Morten Lied Johansen 2015-04-29 (Github) 1.0 For a configured list of nicks or nicks matching a regex, convert all their messages to a notices Fernando Vezzosi & Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 2016-03-15 (Github) multipaste 2003120617 Helps pasting multiple lines to a channel Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) 1.1 Changes messages from myself to appear to come from my username, not my nickname Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 2016-03-17 (Github) my_beep 0.9 runs arbitrary command instead of system beep, includes flood protection Remco den Breeje 2016-04-13 (Github) mygoogle 1.01 Query Google Tim Van Wassenhove 2004-03-13 (Github) myimdb 1.01 Query imdb Tim Van Wassenhove 2004-03-13 (Github) myssqlurllogger 1.0 logs url's to mysql database Riku Voipio, lite 2014-10-19 (Github) nact 0.2.6 Adds an item which displays the current network activity. Needs /proc/net/dev. BC-bd 2014-10-19 (Github) netswitch 1.0.0 Set all windows not bound to a network to a specified network. Roeland Nieuwenhuis 2013-02-19 (Github) news 0.5.9 News reader, usage: /article [-s <server>] [-p <port>] [-P <password> -U <login>] [-l <group> <count>] [-a] [-L <index>] <message-id> Marcin Rozycki, Mathieu Doidy 2015-02-02 (Github) Newsline 2003021101 brings various newstickers to Irssi (Slashdot, Freshmeat, Heise etc.) Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) nickban 1.1 A simple nick banner. If it encounters a nick it bans its host Roeland 'Trancer' Nieuwenhuis 2014-10-19 (Github) Nick Color 2 assign a different color for each nick Timo Sirainen, Ian Peters, David Leadbeater 2014-10-19 (Github) nickcolor_expando 0.3.7 colourise nicks Nei 2015-11-16 (Github) nickcolor_gay 0.1 colourise nicks 2015-11-16 (Github) ignore (minimal) nick changes 0.03 Ignores any nick changes when only the case or special characters are modified, like 'rpr -> Rpr' or 'rpr_ -> rpr', with optional pattern for more complicated ignores Kalle 'rpr' Marjola 2003-08-26 (Github) nicklist 0.4.6 draws a nicklist to another terminal, or at the right of your irssi in the same terminal Wouter Coekaerts 2014-06-10 (Github) nickmix-c0ffee v0.1 Perturbates your nick, use /nickmix nick/len where len is the number of chars you want to keep from your orig nick. use /stopmix to stop. Always issue the commands in a window of the server you want to mix in. c0ffee 2008-06-18 (Github) nickmix 1.2 Perturbates given nick (or just a word) in certain way. Petr Baudis 2008-05-17 (Github) 1.11 This script will authorize you into NickServ. Geert Hauwaerts 2017-01-17 (Github) niq 0.5.7 BitchX like Nickcompletion at line start plus statusbar BC-bd 2009-08-11 (Github) nm 0.3.10 right aligned nicks depending on longest nick BC-bd 2014-10-19 (Github) nm2 2.1 right aligned nicks depending on longest nick Nei 2016-04-26 (Github) nocaps 1.01 Replaces lines in ALL CAPS with something easier on the eyes JamesOff, Ion 2002-03-22 (Github) nocollide 0.2.3 Automatically changes nick (to randnick or uid on ircd 2.11) when certain amount of nick colissionstakes place on channel Marcin Rozycki 2004-02-16 (Github) noisyquery 0.1.1 Prints an info about a newly started Query in your current window and runs a /whois on the nick. unknown 2014-10-19 (Github) nopl 1.00 Replaces polish national characters with their corresponding letters Adam Wysocki 2005-05-10 (Github) norepeat 0.5 stops public repeating Marcin Rozycki 2003-09-09 (Github) notes 0.31 Keeps notes on users and displayes the note in /whois output if the host/nick matches vague 2015-11-25 (Github) NoteServ 2002123101 Utilizes NoteServ to implement a buddylist Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) notice logic 2.0 Print private notices in query/channel where you're talking to them. Prefers active window if they're there with you. Ben Klein, based on noticemove by Timo Sirainen 2014-07-10 (Github) notice move 1.01 Prints private notices from people in the channel where they are joined with you. Useful when you get lots of private notices from some bots. Timo Sirainen 2014-10-19 (Github) notifyquit 0.3 Notify if user has left the channel Jari Matilainen 2015-11-25 (Github) NotOnline 0.9 Answers "$nick: No." if you're away and someone asks are you online on a channel Johan "Ion" Kiviniemi 2002-03-12 (Github) Nothing at all 1.00 This script really does nothing. Sorry. Juerd 2002-03-10 (Github) ogg123 0.01+1 Display current ogg123 track Ricardo Mesquita 2006-11-27 (Github) oidenty 0.0.2 oidentd support for irssi darix 2008-05-17 (Github) 1.12 /on command - this is very simple and not really designed to be the same as ircII - it tries to fit into Irssi's usage style more than emulating ircII. David Leadbeater 2014-06-15 (Github) OnTV 20050226 turns irssi into a tv program guide Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) oops 20071209 turns 'ls' in the beginning of a sent line into the names or whois commands 2008-05-25 (Github) oopsie 1.0 Stops those silly mistakes being sent (spaces at start of line, /1/1 for window changes, etc). David Leadbeater 2014-08-13 (Github) OpenURL 20030208 Stores URLs in a list and launches mail, web or ftp software Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) operit 1.14 Perform certain action (invite/op/...) on request authenticated by the IRC operator status. Petr Baudis 2008-05-17 (Github) operview 1.11 Reformats some server notices, which may come i.e. from &clients or &servers at IRCnet. You can turn the script on/off bytoggling variable mangle_server_notices. Petr Baudis 2008-05-17 (Github) Opnotice 0.1 Terje "xerath" Tjeldnes 2014-10-19 (Github) opnotify 1.0 Hilights window refnumber in statusbar if someone ops/deops you on channel Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2002-03-15 (Github) orphamp 0.9 Displays the song played by orpheus Wohmatak 2014-10-19 (Github) osd 0.3.3 An OnScreenDisplay (osd) it show's who is talking to you, on what IRC Network. Jeroen Coekaerts, Koenraad Heijlen 2014-10-19 (Github) 20071209 2008-05-25 (Github) mIRC pager 0.02 Adds the /PAGE command to page a nick (use /page nick <text>)... to ignore pages /set pager_mode off c0ffee 2014-10-19 (Github) page 0.2 display and send CTCP PAGE Thomas Graf 2014-10-19 (Github) pager 1.1 Notifies people if they send you a private message or a DCC chat offer while you are away; runs a shell command configurable via /set if they page you Jean-Yves Lefort 2014-10-19 (Github) pangotext 1.1 Render text with various color modifications using HTML tag syntax. fprintf 2015-09-19 (Github) paste 0.9 Usage: /paste [-all|-msgs|-public] [-c|-b] [-s|-l| where] [lines] Marcin Rozycki, Stanislaw Halik 2014-10-19 (Github) paste 1.0-rc5 Pasting lines to specified targets, type "/paste -help" for help Marcin Rozycki 2004-11-13 (Github) Paste 0.5 Paste reformats long pieces of text typically pasted into your client from webpages so that they fit nicely into your channel. Width of client may be specified Simon Huggins 2002-03-09 (Github) Paste-KimmoKe 0.1 Provides /start, /stop, /play <-nopack> <-nospace> paste mechanism - start and stop recording and then replay without linebreaks. Also /see to view what was recorded. Kimmo Lehto 2014-10-19 (Github) #pelix Helpers 0.3 This script allows you flood shit. Mankeli 2008-05-17 (Github) People 1.8 Userlist with autoopping, autokicking etc. Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk, Johan 'ion' Kiviniemi 2015-02-01 (Github) per_window_prompt 1.1 Keeps a prompt per window Wouter Coekaerts 2015-12-09 (Github) perlalias 1.2 Quickly create commands from short perl blocks aquanight 2017-02-19 (Github) PGGB_sound does CTCP SOUNDs and other similar things. Adam Duck 2014-10-19 (Github) Poison 2003020801 equips Irssi with an interface to giFT Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) postpone 20170204 Postpones messages sent to a splitted user and resends them when the nick rejoins Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2017-02-04 (Github) ppl 20020128 port of asmodean's /ppl command from skuld3 Maciek Freudenheim, Marco d'Itri 2008-05-17 (Github) print signals debugger 1.0 hooks into every signal and writes the information provided to a file martin f. krafft 2017-02-03 (Github) procmaillog 2.02 Gets new mails from procmail.log file Cyprien Debu 2014-06-21 (Github) 1.0 Authenticates you to QuakeNet's Q immediately on connect using CHALLENGEAUTH Doug Freed 2014-08-23 (Github) query 1.24 Give you more control over when to jump to query windows and when to just tell you one has been created. Enhanced autoclose. Peder Stray 2009-04-25 (Github) QueryResume 2003021201 restores the last lines of a query on re-creation Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2014-10-19 (Github) quitmsg 1.00 Random quit messages Timo Sirainen 2014-10-19 (Github) quitrand 1.00 Random quit messages - based on quitmsg (Timo Sirainen) Fernando J. Pereda 2014-10-19 (Github) Quiz 0.7 Turns irssi into a quiz bot Simon Huggins 2002-04-24 (Github) Quizgr 0.7GR02 Turns irssi into a quiz bot. Has greek language and many answers support Athanasius Emilius Arvanitis based on Simon Huggins quiz 0.7 2014-10-19 (Github) quizmaster 20030208+fr Un script de quiz pour irssi Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-06-16 (Github) quizmaster 20030208 a trivia script for Irssi Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-06-16 (Github) rainbow 1.6 Prints colored text. Rather simple than sophisticated. Jakub Jankowski 2015-11-25 (Github) 1.13 Random away-messages Lasse Karstensen 2014-10-19 (Github) RandName 1.0 Random "/set real_name" taken from a file. legion 2014-10-19 (Github) Recently Departed 0.7 Filters quit/part/join/nick notices based on time since last message. (Similar to weechat's smartfilter). Matthew Sytsma 2016-04-26 (Github) redirect 0.1 handle 005 and 010 server messages and reconnect to that server Thomas Graf 2014-10-19 (Github) REdirect Last Message 1.0 Keeps last 15 messages in cache Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2014-10-19 (Github) remote 1 Lets you run commands remotely via /msg and a password David Leadbeater 2014-10-19 (Github) reorder 1.0 Reordering windows based on a textfile. Isaac Good 2016-12-06 (Github) repeat 0.2.0 Hide duplicate lines BC-bd 2012-08-30 (Github) replace 1.0 Replaces regexps with predefined strings Jere Toivonen 2016-03-22 (Github) resize_split 1 Resizes a split window when it is made active (see comments in script for details) David Leadbeater 2008-05-17 (Github) rhythmbox 1.30 Rhythmbox now playing script Fogel 2009-06-16 (Github) Random kicker 0.9 /RK [-o | -l | -a] - kicks random nick from ops | lusers | all on channel Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2002-03-15 (Github) romaji 1.0b3 translates romaji to hiragana or katakana in text enclosed in ^R Victor Ivanov 2008-05-17 (Github) romajibind 1.0b Dynamic romaji binds Victor Ivanov 2008-05-17 (Github) rot13 2003121202 ROT13 encoding and reverse :) Mariusz 'Craig' Ciesla 2008-05-17 (Github) rotator 0.2.1 Displaye a small, changeing statusbar item to show irssi is still running BC-bd 2008-05-22 (Github) emotes script 1.10 Replaces :emote_name: text in your sent messages into pre-defined emotes (unicode mostly). Dawid 'rud0lf' Lekawski 2016-11-07 (Github) sana-cmd 0.1 /sana command, translates english-finnish-english. Johan "Ion" Kiviniemi, idea taken from Riku Voipio's 2002-03-16 (Github) sb_position 0.1 Displays current position in scrollback. Simon Ruderich, Tom Feist 2015-11-16 (Github) sb_search 1.1 search in your scrollback, scroll to a match Wouter Coekaerts, Emanuele Giaquinta 2015-10-01 (Github) sbclearmatch 0.2 clear matching lines in scrollback Nei 2015-11-16 (Github) Schwaebisch 1.0.0 /schwäbisch - translates your messages from german to swabian Robert Scheck 2008-05-17 (Github) screen_away set (un)away, if screen is attached/detached Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum 2015-08-20 (Github) scriptassist 2003020804 keeps your scripts on the cutting edge Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2016-02-04 (Github) Scripts help 0.9 Provides access to script's help Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2014-10-24 (Github) Script Information 1.20 Access script information Juerd 2002-03-19 (Github) scriptsave 0.2 Loads scripts from file instead of autorun directory lasers 2015-01-16 (Github) scrmable 1.01 wtires lkie tihs jwz, irssified by Mikachu 2008-05-17 (Github) scroller 0.01 Scrolls specified text on the status bar Demonen 2008-05-17 (Github) securemsg 2.1 An irssi adaptation of securequery.mrc found in the Acidmax mIRC script. :), now with multiserver support Jari Matilainen, a lot of code borrowed from by David O'Rourke and Karl Siegemund 2014-08-07 (Github) Seen 1.8 Tell people when other people were online Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk 2008-05-17 (Github) send_scroll 0.1 Scroll down on enter 2015-01-26 (Github) servercomplete 2 Tab complete servers and userhosts (irc. -> irc server, user@ -> [email protected]). Useful for lazy ircops for /squit and so on :) David Leadbeater 2014-10-24 (Github) [email protected] info 0.1 Tell ppl how far you've gotten with you SETI\@home workunit. optical 2014-10-24 (Github) settingshelp 0.8.10 Irssi 0.8.10 settings notes and documentation Rocco Caputo (dngor), Nei 2016-04-27 (Github) shortenurl 0.7.1 shortenurl Marcin Rozycki 2004-06-26 (Github) 20090904 Private/Public url reduction script. eo, tsaavik 2014-10-24 (Github) showhilight 0.1 Show hilight messages in active window Pawe³ 'Styx' Chuchma³a 2014-10-24 (Github) showhost 0.2 show host kicks Michiel v Vaardegem 2003-12-08 (Github) showmode 0.3 show modes in parts, quits, kicks, topic changes or actions, like show_nickmode does for public messages Wouter Coekaerts 2007-07-28 (Github) slack_complete 1.1 Prefix nicks with @ when completing nicks to match conventions on networks like Slack, Flowdock, Gitter etc Morten Lied Johansen, Jonas Berlin 2015-11-09 (Github) slack_emoji 0.03 This script converts Slack emoji to smileys. Lars Djerf 2015-01-03 (Github) 1.0 Strips the annoying mentions of your nickname on Slack via [cc: <you>] Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 2016-03-15 (Github) 0.1 This script hides join/part messages. Christian Brassat 2014-06-26 (Github) Smiley 0.69 Very useful smiley-flooder Jonne Piittinen 2008-05-17 (Github) SMS 1.5b /ADDSMS, /DELSMS, /LISTSMS and /SMS - phone address-book with smssender, for now supports only Polish operators Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2014-10-24 (Github) snmpup 2.00 This script queries remote hosts (/snmpup <host1> <host2> <hostN>) running snmpd for it's uptime and cpu usage Rick (strlen) Jansen 2002-04-06 (Github) Spam Bot Killer 1.2 Oper script to kill Spam Bots. Daemon @ 2008-05-17 (Github) special_complete 1.1 (tab)complete irssi special variables (words that start with $) by evaluating them Wouter Coekaerts 2003-07-28 (Github) spell 1.0 A spell checker for irssi. Hit alt+s and your line will echoed to the active window with mistakes underlined and suggestions noted. /spell is also provided. Requires Lingua::Ispell and Ispell. Michael Kowalchuk 2006-01-02 (Github) Spellcheck 0.4 Checks for spelling errors using Aspell. Jakub Jankowski 2015-02-01 (Github) Server Ping 1.0 /SPING [server] - checks latency between current server and [server] Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim, David Leadbeater 2014-06-15 (Github) splitlong 0.20 Split overlong PRIVMSGs to msgs with length allowed by ircd Bjoern 'fuchs' Krombholz 2014-08-07 (Github) spotify 1.1 Lookup spotify uris Örjan Persson 2014-10-13 (Github) stocks 0.9 prints the stats for german stocks Marcus 'darix' Rückert, tira, Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) sync-check Script checking channel synchronization. Usage: /sync-check [channel (servers)|-stop] Marcin Rozycki 2002-08-09 (Github) SysInfo 2.70 Cross-platform/architecture system information script. David Rudie 2014-10-24 (Github) SysInfo 2.77 Cross-platform/architecture system information script. David Rudie 2014-10-24 (Github) sysinfo-dg 1.3 Adds a /sysinfo command which prints system information (linux only). David Leadbeater 2015-01-10 (Github) SysinfoPlus 2.20 Linux system information (with vPenis and other stuff) Juerd, Tronic 2002-11-04 (Github) tab_stop 2002123102 This script replaces the evil inverted 'I' with a configurable number of whitespaces Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) tabcompletenick 1.1 tabcomplete, on an empty input buffer, over /set completion_keep_publics nicks in channel, parts for any reason(kick, part, quit) are removed from the tabcomplete list vague 2015-11-25 (Github) Talk 1.01 This script talks to you *g*. It reads the chat-msgs for you. Alexander Mieland 2014-10-24 (Github) Target 2003020801 advances IRC warfare to the next level ;) Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) thankop 0.1.7 Remembers the last person oping you on a channel BC-bd 2008-05-22 (Github) topic history 1.05 Keeps information about the most recent topics of the channels you are on. Teemu Hjelt 2014-10-24 (Github) Timer 0.6 Provides /timer command for mIRC/BitchX type timer functionality. Kimmo Lehto, Marcus Rueckert 2015-02-07 (Github) timezones 0.2 timezones displayer Jari Matilainen 2015-11-25 (Github) tinyurl 1.1 create a tinyurl from a long one Atoms 2016-06-16 (Github) title 3.2b Display configurable title as XTerm title Timo Sirainen, David Leadbeater 2014-10-24 (Github) Topic Lock 1.1 /TLOCK [-d] [channel] [topic] - locks current or specified topic on [channel] Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2002-03-15 (Github) tmux-nicklist 0.1.5 displays a list of nicks in a separate tmux pane Thiago de Arruda 2016-08-16 (Github) tmux_away 2.1 set (un)away if tmux session is attached/detached cdidier 2015-11-23 (Github) topics 2003020801 records a topic history and locks the channel topic Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) topicsed editing channel topics by regexps Gabor Nyeki 2004-08-13 (Github) Tor autodetection for Irssi 0.0.1 This script will automatically detect people using the Tor anonymity network and append ".TOR" to their hostname, to make things like /ignore -time 3600 *!*@*.TOR possible (e.g. when your favourite channel gets flooded). Sebastian 'yath' Schmidt 2008-06-16 (Github) 2.1 Keeps track of users by building a databaseof online, joining and nickchanges. Regex-cabablefor the most part, AKA import available. Search byident, nick or host Ziddy 2015-09-19 (Github) trackbar 1.9 Shows a bar where you've last read a window Peter 'kinlo' Leurs, Uwe Dudenhoeffer, Michiel Holtkamp, Nico R. Wohlgemuth 2015-06-29 (Github) trackbar 2.3 Shows a bar where you have last read a window. Peter Leurs and Geert Hauwaerts 2017-01-09 (Github) track nick 0.01 Are you ever tired of those people who keep changing their nicks? Or maybe you just don't like someone's nick? This script lets you see them with the real nick all the time no matter what nick they're currently using. Timo Sirainen 2014-10-24 (Github) translit translitiratar dreg 2008-05-17 (Github) trigger 1.0+ execute a command or replace text, triggered by an event in irssi Wouter Coekaerts 2015-11-07 (Github) TrustWeb 2003020801 Illustrates the trust between ops Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) tvmusor asks for the current tv-lineup from Gabor Nyeki 2014-10-24 (Github) Twitter Theme 0.4 Assign colors to tweet message components Sam Stoller 2014-11-10 (Github) 1.00 BitchX's CrackRock3 animated prompt bar. John Engelbrecht 2014-10-24 (Github) 1.02 IRC version of Social Commands John Engelbrecht 2014-10-24 (Github) 1.01 Animated Topic bar. John Engelbrecht 2014-10-24 (Github) Typofix 1.12 When someone uses s/foo/bar/, this really modifies the text Juerd (first version: Timo Sirainen, additions by: Qrczak) 2015-11-16 (Github) List nicks in channel 1.3 BitchX /u clone. Use /u <regex> to show all nicks (including [email protected]) matching regex in the current channel. Michiel 2014-10-24 (Github) uberprompt 0.3 Helper script for dynamically adding text into the input-bar prompt. shabble 2016-06-25 (Github) unicode 2 Get infomation about unicode characters David Leadbeater 2014-10-13 (Github) upgradeinfo 1.7 Statusbaritem notifying you about updated binary Peder Stray 2008-05-17 (Github) upsidedown 0.2 Plugin to place text upsidedown Ivo Schooneman 2012-11-08 (Github) uptime 1.6 Try a little harder to figure out client uptime Peder Stray 2014-10-24 (Github) url_log 0.2 logs urls to textfile or/and database, able to list, quote, open or `http head` saved urls. Thomas Graf 2014-10-24 (Github) URLfeed 1.28 Provides RSS feeds with URLs pasted on your channels. Jakub Jankowski 2014-10-24 (Github) urlgrab 0.3 Captures urls said in channel and private messages and saves them to a file, also adds a /url command which loads the last said url into a browser. David Leadbeater 2016-06-29 (Github) urlinfo 1.4 Print short summaries about URLs from known services that are mentioned on IRC. (Including YouTube, etc.) David Leadbeater 2016-05-21 (Github) urlplot 1.2 URL grabber with HTML generation and cmd execution bwolf 2014-10-24 (Github) usercount 1.19 Adds a usercount for a channel as a statusbar item David Leadbeater, Timo Sirainen, Georg Lukas 2014-10-24 (Github) userhost 0.23 Adds a -cmd option to the /USERHOST builtin command Jean-Yves Lefort 2014-10-24 (Github) users 2.3 Implements /USERS Jean-Yves Lefort 2014-10-24 (Github) version-stats 0.1 shows top[0-9]+ irc client versions in a channel c0ffee 2014-10-24 (Github) VerStats 20030208 Draws a diagram of the used clients in a channel Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) vidinfo 1.00 Prints some info of a linked video automatically Olof "zibri" Johansson, Cyprien Debu 2014-07-05 (Github) vowels 1.0 Silly script, removes vowels, idea taken from #linuxnews ;-) Jakub Jankowski 2008-05-17 (Github) wa 2.3.1 shows what WinAmp is playing with /wa command Matti 'qvr' Hiljanen, Piotr 'Pieta' Szymanski 2014-10-24 (Github) warnkick 0.0.3 warns you if someone kicks you out of a channel Svante Kvarnström 2004-09-28 (Github) washnicks 1.01 Removes annoying characters from nicks ulbkold 2002-04-12 (Github) Watch script 1.0 Uso del comando watch para irssi. ThEbUtChE 2014-10-24 (Github) whitelist 1.0 Whitelist specific nicks or hosts and ignore messages from anyone else. David O'Rourke, Karl Siegemund 2014-08-07 (Github) 0.0.2 Counts the number of matches in /who lists Svante Kvarnström 2015-03-24 (Github) cwhois 1.0 Hilights '@' in whois channel reply Maciek 'fahren' Freudenheim 2002-03-15 (Github) whois_hexip 1.4 Every time a WHOIS or WHOWAS is run, this script checks the ident and realname for a hex encoded IP address, then decodes it, reverses it, and adds it to the printed WHOIS/WHOWAS result. Useful for looking at CGI::IRC clients. Michael Kowalchuk 2005-12-24 (Github) whos 1.00 This script allows you to view all users on a specific server. Erik Fears 2008-05-17 (Github) wilm 1.0.1 Provides /wilm and /wiilm commands, which do a whois on a person who sent you last private message Leszek Matok 2002-10-03 (Github) window_switcher 1.0 makes switching windows easy Wouter Coekaerts 2007-07-29 (Github) WinNum 1.0.0 Goto a window by its reference number with /## Trevor "tee" Slocum 2014-08-01 (Github) wisestamp 1.1 If timestamp_timeout is used, the text will be indented when the stamp is hidden Antti Ruokomäki 2006-04-12 (Github) wkb 1.1 A simple word kickbanner Matti 'qvr' Hiljanen 2014-10-24 (Github) IRC Completion with mysql-database 0.1 Adds words from IRC to your tab-completion list Jesper Lindh 2004-03-12 (Github) word_scramble 0.0.2 A script that scrambles all the letters in a word except the first and last. Koenraad Heijlen 2003-09-15 (Github) xauth 1.02 Undernet X Service Authentication Program Toshio R. Spoor 2015-02-02 (Github) Xcmd 0.2 makes Undernet's X commands easier and faster to use Clément "nodens" Hermann 2008-05-17 (Github) 1.0 Run an XDCC file server from irssi. Julie LaLa 2015-06-12 (Github) autoget 2.1 XDCC Autoget, for automated searching and downloading of xdcc packs MarshalMeatball 2016-10-26 (Github) xdccget 20141016 enhanced downloading, queing, searching from XDCC bots Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek, Obfuscoder 2014-10-16 (Github) Xetra 20030208 brings the stock exchanges of the world to your irssi Stefan 'tommie' Tomanek 2008-05-17 (Github) xlist 1.00 Better readable listing of channel names Matthäus 'JonnyBG' Wander 2008-05-17 (Github) xmms 2.0 XMMS-InfoPipe front-end - allow /np [-help] [dest] Simon Shine 2015-01-18 (Github) XMMS-InfoPipe Script 1.1.3+1 Returns XMMS-InfoPipe data simon 2014-10-24 (Github) XMMSInfo 1.01 /xmmsinfo to tell what you're currently playing Tuomas Jormola 2006-10-27 (Github) XMPP-notify 1.0 Sends out notifications via XMPP. Based on a script by Peter Krenesky. Thomas B. Ruecker 2015-06-30 (Github) XQF 0.14 automatically sends xqf data to irssi and optionally licq mizerou 2014-10-24